Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Every breeder knows that having to take back one of their pups can be a very stressful and traumatic event for the dog. I took back a dog last year that had to be shipped all the way from Washington State to Florida. I was expecting a very sad pup. But, when the door opened from the transport bus he was shipped in, out came a dog that was very happy to be back with his grandma!

Kai was from my Dani/Kiral litter and the people he went to drove all the way from Washington State to pick him up ... they wanted the bonding time on the drive home. Seemed like a great home for him since he was my "social butterfly". However life happens, circumstances change and, after only two years, Kai was back with me and I had to once again look for a good home for him.

Although he was with me for a few months after getting him back, he was a real joy to have. He got along with all my dogs, even my older male, Safa, who seemed to adore him. Daisy, my youngest female, thought he was the most wonderful playmate she had ever had. I might have been tempted to keep him for myself, but three dogs is pretty much my limit nowadays.
After interviewing several people who looked good, but just not "good enough", I received a call from Tanya! After several conversations and several visits from her and her family to meet Kai, I was convinced this would be the perfect home for him ... he loved the whole family, including the other two family dogs, a neutered male beagle and spayed female doberman.

Finally, one weekend I told Tanya she could take Kai home ... with the stipulation that she would send photos and keep me up to date. Since the day she took him home, I have gotten regular updates on Kai's antics and stories about how "wonderful he is". And, although it has been nearly a year since he went to live with Tanya and her family, I still feel that this is the home he was meant to have all along. For an Anatolian such as Kai, Tanya's family was made for him.

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