Tuesday, August 31, 2010


After discovering that Moose had 22 points towards his Grand Championship and since there still was no GrCH Anatolian, Linda & I decided we would try to make Moose the first one.  Unfortunately, there were no shows in Florida within a reasonable amount of time, so we looked around and found a three day show cluster in Atlanta, GA that would be held on August 27, 28 & 29.  Since Moose only needed 3 points and 2 champion wins to finish, we only entered him for Friday and Saturday.  This turned out to be very good strategy since there were some other dogs also very close to finishing that were also entered for Sat & Sun that same weekend.  As always, you can never know exactly what any judge would do, so we were on pins and needles both days waiting to see what the judge would do.  Judge Bernie Schwartz picked Moose pretty quick on Friday for BOB.  On Saturday, we got the shock of our lives when all of these absolutely gorgeous Anatolians showed up (Debbie Carlton, Nancy Wargas and Michelle Iberri had three very beautiful typey females; Viki Malone brought her handsome class male, and THREE GORGEOUS MALE SPECIALS came with Brian Lentini, Nancy Wargas and Ed DesChamps!).  We got to mix with all these dogs for a while before we were due in the ring and I was amazed at the absolutely wonderful temperaments all exhibited.  These were the nicest dogs Moose had been up against all year and we sat on our hands until Judge Toddy Clark gave Moose BOB and made him the FIRST AKC GRAND CHAMPION ANATOLIAN!!

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