Friday, July 31, 2009

Over the last couple of months, my beautiful pinto Anatolian and I have gone to a couple of really great festivals held here in Florida.

The first was at the end of May when we went to the Watermelon Festival held every year in the small town of Newberry just west of Gainesville. There is a parade and lots of vendors with all kinds of handmade things to sell .... and Daisy's favorite thing ... lots and lots of children, along with lots of other dogs ... nothing makes her happier.

The parade had lots of floats, sirens, horses, and those little shriner cars ... a little kid's dream. Since it was so hot, after the parade, Daisy and I only stayed a little over an hour at the festival, which was held this year at the horse complex. But, we saw all the vendors and spent some time in the food court with all kinds of food for the hungry. Daisy even got a cone of ice from one of the vendors who became a devoted fan of hers in no time.

The second festival was the first weekend in June in Chiefland, my home town ... it was very similar to the one in Newberry, except there were a lot more vendors with just about everything you could think of to buy ... and, at this festival, my friends Debi and Jani brought puppies "Enya" and "Jake" as seen in this photo.

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