Sunday, December 16, 2007


Khyra is a pup from my May 2006 litter and is a very sweet girl. As I am getting older and not as energetic as I once was, I had to downsize my kennel to a more manageable number of dogs. So Khyra was placed with a good friend of mine in Wisconsin. Here is a photo of her the first day getting acquainted with "Ozzy", an 8-month-old male Anatolian ... of course she had to pretend she wasn't interested in him at all!

It didn't take long for the two of them to become best of buds, but Khyra had to make sure he knew his place!! Khyra is, of course, in charge of everything. She eats first ... she picks out the toys they play with ... she lets him know when it is okay to wrestle ... and she makes sure he knows that it is his job to keep her warm while they watch TV. They have now become pretty much inseperable.

Here are Khyra and Ozzy in August 2007, doing perimeter checks around their 5 acre yard. It is almost impossible to see Khyra and not see Ozzy right beside her. Ozzy is so thrilled to have a playmate, he's afraid to let her out of his sight! One of their favorite games is to play "tag! you're it!" by chasing each other all over their yard.

Here are Khyra and Ozzy in December 2007. Wow! What a difference a few months makes. They love to play in the snow and it is almost impossible to get them to come in the house when there is lots and lots of snow to play in. They feel it is even more important to do their perimeter checks when it is nice and cold outside. And, it is more fun to play and run when it is so cool ....

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