Thursday, October 19, 2006


As an Anatolian owner/lover since 1987, I have always strived to put my dogs in as many social situations as possible. One of the ways I socialize my dogs with other dogs is to take them every weekend to a dog park. These are some photos of my dogs having the time of their lives!! The pinto is Daisy, the white ASD is Happy, and the other two in the water are Vizslas that came to join in the fun.

This is a photo of Michelle and her two Anatolians, Happy (3 year old male) and Masallah (12 year old male). She drove all the way from Washington State, going from Dog Park to Dog Park all along the way, just to come stay with her son in Ocala. She has become a regular member of the Dog Park and shows up every weekend. And, believe me, my guys really look forward to seeing them!!

This park has TWO large ponds to swim in and there are 15 acres of running around room for the dogs to chase and play. Since I started taking all my dogs to the park, it has been really easy to get their socialization skills to a really high level. It is rare for any of my dogs to cause a problem at a dog show or anywhere else. The most fun of all of course is all the funny things they do that make you laugh.

The above photos were taken October 7th, 2006 ... the day my newest member of the family, Tawni, turned 5 months old. This photo of her was taken right after she found out the pond is really fun!! Tawni is a great great granddaughter of my foundation bitch, Tilki, who recently went over the rainbow bridge, making her a 5th generation puppy for the Alaturka line. Tawni came to me from Indiana as a very special gift from a good friend of mine. I look forward to many photos of her at the Dog Park!!

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